About Us

Information About Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce

Ballycastle Chamber of Commerce is an independent and not-for-profit organisation with the following key objectives:

  1. To promote commerce and industry within Ballycastle and the surrounding area by developing opportunities for existing local business as well as encouraging and supporting new local business
  2. To promote and develop links with Moyle District Council and other key community organisations within the area
  3. To offer co-ordinated and proactive contributions to the community on behalf of local business

Action Plan

  • Display the wealth and diversity of business available.
  • Develop and become an informed group presenting our opinions and ideas clearly.
  • Identify individual needs of each business type and integrate, this knowledge and experience into the running of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • As needed positions on sub-committee will be appointed. Develop relationships with Moyle District Council. Be part of the decision making process in M.D.C.
  • Involvement with development plans for Ballycastle.
  • Research what financial assistance is available from the
  • government to assist local business.
  • Increase knowledge of Government and Legislation The impact legislation has on the business community.
  • Involvement with major ‘work’ plans for the town
  • e.g. Water Board, N.I.E., Sewage Works, D.O.E.
  • Working along with Moyle DPP e.g. highlighting crime levels and promoting safety.
  • Awareness of any town development plans e.g. planning guidelines on building developments.
  • Improve the appearance of Ballycastle Town Centre Christmas Lights.
  • Flowers over shop fronts.
  • Parking Issues.
  • Toilet Facilities.
  • Themed Windows and co-ordinated seasonal activity.
  • Involvement with local community groups e.g. G.A.A., Church Groups, Choral Society, School Productions.
  • Carry out an independent survey of customer’s needs.
  • Develop educational skills within the Source education available through funding.
  • Business community. Involve local schools giving a practical approach to business.
  • Provide speakers to talk on issues that are relevant to the local business community.
  • Increase understanding of each others business by informal, social events and networking.
  • Generate funds avail of government funding.
  • Run promotional and entertainment events that include the whole community.
  • Promote Ballycastle as an attractive location for visitors The strength of the unique geographic location.
  • Ballycastle business community has the ability to provide and accommodate for any tourist event held.